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Why Women’s Health and Home?

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Did you know that tens of thousands of chemicals that we use everyday, in our homes and on our bodies, haven’t even been tested for safety?  Scientists are concerned that some may be causing serious health problems.  That’s why a national group is educating and empowering women with tips on ridding our lives of toxic chemicals.

Having a scientist on staff lends credibility to Women’s Voices for the Earth, or WVE.  Alexandra Scranton’s Masters degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Montana equips her to sift through research and prepare reports for the nonprofit organization, so that all of their tips are based in science.

One of the latest presentations from WVE is called “Detox Your Home, Tips for getting toxic chemicals out of your life.”  WVE explains that it’s tackling an environmental problem that is largely a women’s issue for multiple reasons.  Science is showing reason for concern about breast cancer rates now affecting one in eight women, girls reaching puberty as young as 7 years, and endometriosis becoming much more common than it was 50 years ago.

When looking at products of concern, women tend to use more of them, from personal care products to cleaning products.  Women tend to carry around more body fat, which can harbor toxins.  And women can pass on toxic chemicals before their children are even born.

WVE says the environment not only affects us via the air we breathe and the water we drink, but through other seemingly mundane choices in our everyday lives.  Another independent, science-based resource on this topic is the Environmental Working Group.


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