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Cleaner Personal Care Tips

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Did you know that “unscented” doesn’t always mean “fragrance-free?”  That’s one of the many relevant tips I learned recently from the leaders at Women’s Voices for the Earth.  As Cassidy Randall says, “We should not have to worry whether products we use in our homes and on our bodies could be linked to cancer and reproductive harm.”  The nonprofit group reaches out with education to help all of us make informed choices.

WVE recommends avoiding all synthetic fragrance in laundry and personal care products.  Synthetic musks are a particular concern because they can limit the ability of our immune system to defend properly against other toxins.  The many chemicals used to create fragrance often include phthalates that WVE researchers say are linked to reproductive and developmental harm.  They say the term “unscented” really means there are typically more chemicals used to mask a scent.  Instead, look for the term “fragrance-free.”

WVE says popular hair straighteners like Brazilian Blowout have been found to contain high levels of formaldehyde.  It recommends avoiding these products altogether.  Another salon suggestion is to ask for “three-free” nail polish.  Some polishes now come without what WVE calls a “toxic trio of chemicals linked to cancer and reproductive harm.”  WVE’s efforts are to protect not only salon customers, but to clean up the environment where salon workers are every day.

Because so many of us use so much makeup and other personal care products, WVE recommends looking up each product at the Skin Deep database.  This database tells exactly what is in each product, sometimes beyond what you can read on the product label, and explains health concerns.  WVE suggests replacing one item at a time when it runs out, with a safer alternative.


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  1. Mrs. J September 29, 2011 at 12:20 pm #

    I totally agree! I gave up makeup all together when I started recognizing some of the ingredients as chemicals I work with in a lab (and would not want to put on my skin!).

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