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Busy Lifestyle Food Choices at Co-op

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Too busy to cook?  Still in college?  Single and don’t care about family meals?  You might find your healthiest food-on-the-go options at your local food co-op!

In Knoxville, Three Rivers Market boasts of being the only independent, locally-owned food co-op in Tennessee.  The extensive salad bar offers luscious organic selections of greens, legumes and meats, all sold by the pound.  Check out the quality standards for the store that provides the most natural, local products it can find.

Sushi master Harry Majima is busily preparing daily variations of his famous rice wraps and balls, made with lean fish or vegetarian style.  Majima  hails from the famous La Montanita Co-op in New Mexico.
Sushi Master Harry Majima Three Rivers Market
The co-op has ready-to-go hard boiled eggs and sandwiches already made up in another cold case.  Bring your own refillable container to get a low price on specially filtered, super-oxygenated water —  a great alternative to bottled water.

Grind your own high-protein nut butters at the store’s new display near the bulk food section.
Need a reward after so many workouts, acing a final, or days of healthy eating?  Tempt yourself or someone else with a sweet treat of famous Magpies cupcakes, baked fresh for Three Rivers Market.

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  1. Harry Hilders September 28, 2011 at 3:13 pm #

    Looks great!

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