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5 Reasons to Shop Bulk Food Bins

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bulk food bins
Maybe you’re in the habit of buying staple foods in small bags on the grocery store shelf. Why would you want to try the bulk bins instead? Here are 5 Reasons to Shop Bulk Food Bins:

1.Try something new.  There’s typically no minimum amount required to purchase food from bulk bins.  You can take home some exotic-sounding item and decide if you like it, without the expense of buying an entire pound or more.

2. More variety.  Frustrated that your standard grocery store only carries a couple of types of baking flours or a limited variety of nuts?  Try several gluten-free ingredients and more naturally grown choices when you shop a bulk food section.  (Caution: If you have celiac disease or severe food allergy, you need to volume order it yourself to ensure no cross-contamination with another food product.  Ask your local co-op or other healthy grocery store.)

3. Save money.  The buying power of food co-operatives means member-owned stores can get large quantities of grains for competitive prices.  Members are eligible for extra volume discounts.

4. You can use plastic bags.  It’s usually allowable to use the store’s plastic food bag for your item, at no extra cost, if you choose.

5. You can bring your own containers, even glass, to be extra environmentally friendly. Just check in at any register in Three Rivers Market and they’ll weigh your container for the tare weight so the net weight can be computed at checkout.  

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