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Vintage Toys & Woodworking

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Taking a look back at vintage toys and woodworking items for the home:

Learning the Rules of Ringer will have to go on the family’s long to-do list of fun things we need to try. The folks who organize the National Marbles Tournament spell it all out in great detail.  I recall that my older siblings had some cat’s eye marbles that I played with as a child.  But no one taught me a game with them.

It’s been interesting watching my kids’ fascination with the gorgeous colors of the marbles, especially the newly made cat’s eye variety with the swirl of color captured inside clear glass.  My youngest spent more than an hour while I wrote my last post just rolling them down our new wooden marble chute.  My oldest later decided the two should open their own marble store, and they carefully sorted the gems by color into various toy dishes.  Our visit to the home of the Marble King reminded me of a few other simpler things made with someone’s hands.
One of my grandpa’s old woodworking projects was to make a wooden device that helped my mom pull hot pans out of the oven.  I noticed a variation of this in the current Berea College Crafts catalog.  He also loved whittling in his later years.  He whittled a little hand-held game involving swinging a peach pit on a string and trying to catch it on a tiny indention in the wood.
Someone at a much earlier time created this wooden doll complete with sturdy metal hinges and pins holding it together.  The doll is a bit of a mystery, a family heirloom acquired by my husband.



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