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Landscaping around Deer

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We love to watch in awe as baby fawns and their deer families pass along our yard each year.  They come and go as they please, and occasionally they’ll tolerate my camera. I’m reminded that the deer love to munch on some of our landscaping, especially lilies and other plants with tender leaves.

We sometimes place human hair around plants that we don’t want the deer to eat.

Here’s a list of plants that deer do not like to eat,

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One Response to Landscaping around Deer

  1. Mrs. J July 23, 2011 at 12:41 pm #

    Thanks for the links! I love watching the deer meander through our yard – especially when there are babies!

    We put a fence around our main vegetable garden. Its only 4 feet tall, but its enough to discourage our deer (they aren’t desperate). The deer HAVE been known to eat some of the plants in my front flower bed though (especially hostas!). We are about to expand the flower bed in an effort to have year-round blooms for the pollinators. I’ll have to check out your links when I pick out my plants 🙂

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