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Mama says Eat Your Vegetables

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My mother knew one little trick to help minimize a sweet tooth in young children.  She said that when a baby starts eating solid food, the first food should be a vegetable, but not a fruit.  Taste the sweetness too soon, and the sugary fruit taste might be all the baby wants.  I made sure to do that with both of my children, and I think it helped with efforts to make vegetables appealing.

I’ve never been good at creating the cutesy shapes and presentations that trick children into thinking they’re not eating something from a garden.  Usually, mine eat their veggies outright.  I do recall sneaking some extra cooked broccoli or cauliflower into mashed potatoes, even before the sneak-the-veggies-into-the-food recipe books became so popular.

One of my favorite ways to use vegetables is just to see what’s fresh and throw it in!

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