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Outing to Big South Fork

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Visiting a spectacular river gorge 320 million years in the making introduces science in an adventurous way.  Our family enjoyed a recent outing to the Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area on the Kentucky/Tennessee border.
We perched on the overlook to view the turquoise water at sunset, after already walking along its shores.  Our short nature hikes were tame compared to the whitewater rafting, horseback riding and other activities in this vast natural area.
The north-running Big South Fork river is the centerpiece of this federally protected wilderness area on the Cumberland Plateau.  The girls used their Junior Park Ranger guides to identify native plants.
They learned to appreciate treasures like pebbles and shells, while leaving them along the riverbank.  We talked a little about geology.
Big South Fork park land includes stables for visitors who enjoy horseback riding.  Nature trails cover all skill levels, including level ones near the stables.  If you have the chance, I recommend an outing to Big South Fork.
A pool, playground and campground is available.


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