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Our Christmas Tree

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As projects go, this was an easy one for the husband.  Nevertheless, an important one to our family.  We don’t have any organic tree growers near us, as far as I know.  So, we made the short drive to a local, conventional Christmas tree farm in early December.  Running around a field of trees and breathing fresh air is half the fun.  The mission was to find our Christmas tree!

We chose the prettiest, medium-sized tree we could find.  Chopping it down with the little hand saw adds a fun sense of accomplishment for dads, I think.  This little farm in the valley regularly replants its trees.

We chose a Norway spruce.  It’s a beautiful tree that holds lots of ornaments. I think the branches are just a bit thinner than on a Fraser fir.  Hopefully, plenty of water will keep it fresh through Christmas.

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