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New Carver Children’s Book

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It’s refreshing to see a new work of historical fiction that keeps history and science vibrant for young minds. Just weeks before visiting the Carver Monument, our family was happy to discover “In the Garden with Dr. Carver” at our local library.  This was a delightful new Carver children’s book.

Author Susan Grigsby and illustrator Nichole Tadgell take a story that’s been told many times, of one of history’s most important scientists and humanitarians, George Washington Carver, and tell it through the eyes of a little girl. In this story, Sally represents the countless school children and adults that Carver taught as he traveled throughout the South working for Tuskegee Institute. Sally and her friends are directed by Carver to try a school project involving gardening. His ways of listening to the plants, using soil conservation techniques and recycling materials are witnessed by Sally in this story.
Tadgell’s watercolors are modern and cheery. Grigsby teaches science, history and philosophy through Sally’s voice, without sounding preachy. This book seems like a great way to introduce the Carver story to preschool and elementary aged children, as they can imagine what it would be like if Carver visited their class at school. It is published by Albert Whitman & Company.


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