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Green Christmas Tips

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Looking for ways to make this Christmas a little greener?  Here are a few ideas:

1. Choose a locally grown tree, organic where possible, instead of a manufactured one.  Organic tree farmer Curtis Buchanan says buying a plastic tree is the worst environmental tree choice we can make.

2. If you can’t resist decking the halls with plastic or other sorts of decorative items, shop your local thrift stores instead of buying new.  You’ll save money for yourself, you’ll save landfill space for everyone, and in many cases your purchase will be supporting a nonprofit that really needs your support this season.

3. Recycle last year’s gift bags and wrapping paper.  Give gifts in pretty thrift-store baskets so you won’t need more wrapping paper.  Use your creativity for gift presentation.

4. Be thoughful and intentional about gift-giving and receiving, especially as it involves children.  Consider what your gift decisions are teaching your children about your personal faith and values.  How many gifts do we really need?  Where were they made?  Will they last?  As Professor Shannon Wooden reminds us, “Shopping is always indicative of an ethical system.”

5. Consider holiday gifts and experiences that are intangible but would mean a lot to loved ones.  Giving theater tickets, paying for a grandchild’s ballet lessons, even catching the local free Christmas pageant as a family can be creative ways to give to each other.  Remember that good times shared with loved ones will ultimately be appreciated more than anything.

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