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Non-Toxic Tips on Getting Ready for Baby

Getting ready to welcome a new baby into the world?  Still in the planning stages, perhaps coping with infertility?  Here are few eco-conscious ideas for creating a baby friendly home. Infertility Issues? While the source often remains a mystery and you should of course seek the advice of a medical professional, there are several suspect […]

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#ShareATree for Arbor Day Foundation with Green is Universal

This post is in cooperation with the Arbor Day Foundation and Green is Universal. Our family tradition this time of year includes hunting for the perfectly shaped, real Christmas tree at a local tree farm.  In a pinch, we’ve bought trees that have been transported from another state.  But we try to keep it local, […]

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View Toxic Hot Seat Movie for FREE this Week!

What’s endangering America’s children AND the firefighters who risk their lives to save them in house fires?  Would you believe it could be the living room furniture?  In perhaps the most insidious example of a lack of chemical safety oversight, it’s been revealed that toxic flame retardants in most sofa cushions are linked to grave […]

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Why I’m Stretching Beyond My Comfort Zone to Become a #teamNFCambassador

Why I’m Stretching Beyond My Comfort Zone to Become a #teamNFCambassador Follow along to #WitnessMyFitness in a promotional #teamNFCambassador program at National Fitness Center! “Just don’t look at the scale,” advised one of my sweet, well-meaning friends recently when I mentioned my frustration about being overweight.  She really did mean well.  I’d already been following […]

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Slow Money Attracts Investors, Farmers & Entrepreneurs with Vision

Imagine investing in a small business with no expectation of a return on that investment to you personally.  Would you do it?  People from around the United States are jumping at the chance to be part of something bigger than themselves that will never make them rich.  They use the tongue-in-cheek lingo Beetcoin to describe […]

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