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Potassium Sorbate & the Confusing World of Preservatives in Cosmetics

Is all-natural always the way to go with your beauty routine?  Maybe, maybe not.  If you’re not confused by the wide range of preservatives used in cosmetics these days, maybe you haven’t been reading the labels. Along with all of the main ingredients designed to do something wonderful for our skin is the addition of […]

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Lunching Awesome with HALF TIME Review & Giveaway

This post was created in partnership with Stonyfield. All opinions are my own. I still have this idyllic concept that I’ll prepare everything from scratch each week for my kids’ lunches. I do make sure to pack fresh veggies and bake them homemade cookies when I can. The reality is, school days are busy — […]

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Certified Naturally Grown Farms Helped by Knoxville Restaurant Event

A special Saturdays in the Garden report… Adrienne Gibson is very particular about choosing only organic seeds for her gardens at A Place of the Heart Farm in East Tennessee.  “I’m personally committed to organic,” Gibson told us.  Yet, her two and half acre farm run by family and friends is not anywhere near the […]

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Sofa Cushion Forts, Kids’ Gear & Toxic Flame Retardants

Sofa Cushion Forts, Kids’ Gear & Toxic Flame Retardants Indoors in the wintertime, my kids can entertain themselves for hours in the living room, building forts and castles with the foam cushions of our sofa and love seat.  There’s lots of jostling and even the occasional, “that is not a trampoline” reaction from me as […]

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No More Dim Bulbs: ENERGY STAR & Zombies

Have you tried LED bulbs only to be disappointed in the dim or strangely tinted light they created? Apparently the latest greenwashing coming to a retailer near you is a cheap knockoff of an LED lightbulb that doesn’t meet ENERGY STAR standards. We know LEDS save energy and money — potentially hundreds of dollars over […]

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Southern Climate Vigil Offers Spiritual Response to Climate Change

Being mindful and prayerful about the People’s Climate March in New York City this weekend was a focus of the Greater Knoxville Climate Vigil hosted last weekend by Tennessee Interfaith Power and Light.  Church pastors and people of various faiths gathered at Knoxville, Tennessee’s downtown Alex Haley Heritage Square for the event.  They called this […]

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