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Green Inspirations for Earth Day

Buds are bursting out, from dogwoods to dandelions!  Everywhere we see messages of renewal and hope. How green are the everyday choices we make year around?  This week at, we’ll look more closely at the impact of good habits we can re-start on Earth Day. Meet a women devoted to absolutely no plastic – […]

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Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families offers FREE Resources at Knoxville Natural Parenting Expo

Becoming a parent for the first time? Getting involved as a grandparent? Confused about how to keep a non-toxic home for baby? The upcoming Knoxville Natural Parenting Expo is your one-stop event for everything you need to know! The popular nationwide coalition Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families is proud to support this growing Parenting Expo for […]

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Walgreens, Time to Mind the Store for Children’s Health & to Reassure Customers

You’re thoughtfully stocking up on sunscreen as summer weather approaches, so you choose one off the shelf made for kids, even one that appears gentle enough for babies. You buy extra hand soap to donate for your child’s upcoming Vacation Bible School, trusting the antibacterial assurances on the package. You’re busy, so you pick up […]

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Inside Look at Mind the Store Campaign

Who’s minding the store?  When it comes to safety of consumer products in the United States marketplace, there’s been much public concern that really no one is.  Thus coalition Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families created the Mind the Store Campaign to find solutions. We recently delved inside to learn more with Mind the Store Campaign Director […]

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Researcher Frederick vom Saal at University of Missouri

Top Researcher Shares Tips for Parents on Avoiding Hormone Disrupting BPA

By now you’ve likely heard the health concerns about man-made chemical bisphenol A that is a major part of US commerce and what goes into your shopping cart.  While the the hormone disruptor is still legally allowed anywhere except baby bottles and sippy cups, you can take steps to reduce your exposure.  Of special concern […]

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BPA Study in Primates Reveals Danger to Unborn

Could a pregnant mother’s exposure to tiny amounts of hormone disrupting bisphenol A affect the future health of her unborn child?  A pioneer in BPA study says new research gets as close as ethically possible to testing the man-made substance on women, revealing danger to the unborn. Curators’ Professor Frederick vom Saal, PhD shared details […]

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This Week at

Her daddy recently unfastened the training wheels, so she proudly rides her bike with big-girl confidence. Yet, she still wanted my attention on a tiny scratch that wouldn’t have happened if she’d worn sneakers. Of course, she wears a helmet. Of course, she’s likely to have at least one big spill in her first few […]

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