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What You Missed at Strong, not Scared #CleanCouponing Twitter Party

Put a dozen people in a room together, and chances are they’ll find something in common. Put dozens and dozens together in a Twitter chat, and odds are, many have either had cancer, lost a loved one to cancer or realize they’ve already been unwittingly exposed to cancer causing substances.  The upside to this rather […]

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Family Raising Light the Night Funds for Blood Cancer Support

There seems to be an inner strength that moms find inside when their families and communities need them most.  Patti Baker is a beautiful example of that.  She’s been busy caring for both a husband and daughter who are fighting blood cancers, and yet she’s back again raising funds for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society […]

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Strong, not Scared: A Daughter’s Raw Story of Cancer Awareness beyond Pinkwashing

We sat in the dim light together on the uncomfortable hospital cot as she tried to force back the nausea from the barium sulfate suspension.  If she could just tolerate it long enough, the scans would be over and I could drive her home.  I held her hand, assured her I’d be there for her […]

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Grocery Shopping Gets Easier if Colorado or Oregon Pass GMO Labeling

You’re already watching the budget, counting calories and sugar, and maybe you have someone in the family with special needs like a gluten-free diet.  You may think you can’t afford exclusively organics, but you wonder about all those processed foods that likely contain genetically modified organisms.  How can you know? Unless you shop strictly for […]

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EPA Defies Child Health Warnings, Approves Enlist Duo Herbicide for Midwest

A cutting edge, powerful combination of herbicides is coming soon to the Midwest and eventually to more areas throughout the United States despite grave warnings about health and environmental impacts.  One group has even tracked how closely the pesticide spray could come to hundreds of thousands of American schoolchildren.  This product would most likely be […]

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yoga at ShiftCon in LA

#ShiftCon Sweat & Fitness Inspirations

The inaugural #ShiftCon social media conference for eco-wellness bloggers would not have been complete without a fitness component. Especially since Mamavation, with its popular fitness challenges, helped build the strength in numbers to create the conference, this seemed like an event calling on attendees to get up earlier, push harder and sweat! I was excited, […]

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Testing Reveals Toxic Chemicals in Feminine Pads

What do car tires, petroleum refineries, nail polish remover and feminine pads all have in common? According to independent testing of pads, these things all could contain toxic chemicals with potential links to health harm.  It’s a given we’d find industrial grade chemicals in heavy industry, and we know to be careful of the acetone […]

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