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Stonyfield Bloggers #CheatOnGreek with French-Inspired Treat

*This is a sponsored post in cooperation with Stonyfield. I’ve been a committed Stonyfield Greek yogurt eater for some time now, dutifully watching for zero fat, all organic ingredients and five live active cultures that are supposed to be good for me. I’ve been faithful.  Of course, I was shocked and surprised when this delectable […]

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A Dozen Reasons for Looking Forward to ShiftCon

ShiftCon has sprouted up as a fresh approach to new media conferencing, setting itself apart from an already crowded landscape of blogging events! The blogosphere has inspired an entire industry of conferences, seeking to connect those who work and socialize online with in-person experiences.  We’ve shared with you previous visits to BlogHer, Type A Parent […]

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Riverkeeper Shares Clean Water Concerns about Fracking with Women’s Voices for the Earth

You turn on the faucet in your kitchen every day expecting clean water for your family to drink.  We’ve long known that keeping watersheds clean is key to protecting our access to safe drinking water, and the public pays for utilities to provide this.  Sometimes droughts even call for water restrictions in parts of the […]

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family photo in front of stream

Creating a Baby-Safe World Amid the Chaos

Rocks dug into my left knee, not once, but twice, during my tomboyish days growing up on the family farm.  The worst gash involved tiny bits of gravel that my mother picked from the bloodied pit in my leg. Neither gash impressed my parents enough to drive me to the doctor for stitches.  I was […]

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This Week on the Flour Sack Mama blog…

Hug your kids.  No matter how stressful your life can get or how chaotic your schedule, whether you’ve endured an earthquake like some families in California this weekend or you’re facing other challenges — just stop and hug your kids.  They’re absolutely worth it. We’ve been adjusting to the school routine again this fall, and […]

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tiny lemon trees in container with flowers in background

Saturdays in the Garden: Hot Enough for Lemon Trees Beyond the Tropics?

When life gives you lemon trees, make lemonade! A couple of years ago, it was fascinating to see the United States Department of Agriculture shift its reliable Plant Hardiness Zone map to reflect a warmer climate for much of the United States.  In our area of East Tennessee, we shifted from a 6b to a […]

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