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Join Me for the Mama Summit in Nashville

If I traveled to a busy metropolitan area like New York, I would expect to breathe in more ozone pollution and be cautious about keeping an inhaler around for my youngest child.  But I’m surprised to see that even the beautiful Knoxville area gets a failing grade for high ozone days from the American Lung […]

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5 Truth-Is-Stranger-Than-Fiction Films not at the Oscars

Red carpet glamour, superstar ballads and acceptance speeches get us all choked up each year when we watch the Oscars. Amidst all the larger-than-life gestures, we hopefully gain some bit of knowledge and understanding about global concerns. Movies are meant to make us think, of course. We also heard several acceptance speech messages reminding us […]

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Online Oscars Viewing Party Entices with Hot French Cuisine

I wanted to let you know about a live, online opportunity coming up this weekend with Stonyfield, as part of the #StonyfieldBlogger network! Who else is ready to snuggle up to some hot Oscars viewing on Sunday evening?  Many of us have been in snow shoveling, school closing, cabin fever mode because of February’s tempestuous […]

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Why this Earth Mama Chose Beautycounter for Safety

In an effort to keep this blog and my independent journalism efforts sustainable, I’ve recently become an independent Beautycounter consultant.  You have the opportunity to show your support by shopping with me here. I grew up digging in the dirt on the family farm, making mud pies and still cleaning up for Sunday School every […]

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Meet My Newest #teamNFC Fitness Inspirations

Follow along to #WitnessMyFitness in a promotional #teamNFC program at National Fitness Center! You know that trite but true saying that your toughest competitor is yourself?  I have to keep reminding myself of that.  I’m really enjoying trying every possible fitness class at National Fitness Center, even getting more comfortable with a little weightlifting (light weightlifting, […]

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The Food Babe Way Spurs Consumer Awareness at Grocery Store

*May contain affiliate links for books where you can read more for yourself. Question everything at the grocery store and restaurant.  Become a food detective for the sake of your own health and well-being. That’s the premise behind author Vani Hari’s new book The Food Babe Way, that’s destined to become a best-seller!  I can […]

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